LogMeIn Central Developer Center User Guide

GET a list of System Inventory fields

Return a list of available System inventory fields.

Return a list of available System inventory fields. For more information on System inventory, see LogMeIn Central Report Types.

GET https://secure.logmein.com/public-api/v1/inventory/system/fields


Type Description Required Notes
Authorization Contains your authorization information to allow authentication to a LogMeIn account. Required You must authenticate each API action you call with your CompanyID + PSK pair. See Authentication




HTTP Responses

Code Description Notes
200 OK Successful call made.
400 Bad Request A required parameter may be missing.
409 Unauthorized The Authorization header may be missing or invalid.
415 Unsupported Media Type A request may have been made for any format other than JSON.
429 Too Many Requests The request may have been made for the action too many times.
500 Internal Server Error May return the following message: An error occurred. If this problem happens again, please contact customer support at https://logmein.com/support and quote the error code.